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About Us

Hermetal was established by Gökhan Öndün in 1975 in Istanbul, Turkey.  After working for the leading machine and spare parts manufacturers in Germany between 1960 and 1975, Gökhan Öndün returned to Istanbul and passed on his experience to his own company.

The company was located in the Topkapı region of Istanbul when founded; as of 2011, moved to new facilities in Topcular area.

Throughout years, Hermetal has been adapting new technological developments and  has added numerical controlled machines to its machine park.  Moreover, being aware of lack of qualified personnel in the industry, Hermetal has always been very enthusiastic about the technical training of employees.  The company currently serves with 30 employees, out of which most have been working with us over 20 years.

Our production includes all kinds of spare parts, machinery parts, supply materials, moulds, pneumatic hydraulic cylinders, barrels, gears, valves, rollers, etc.

For over 30 years, the main principle of our company has been good quality, on time production and accurate pricing.

Hermetal has been granted "National Facility Security Clearance Certificate" and "NATO Facility Security Clearance Certificate" as of June 2015.


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