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Reliable Production

We perform quality assurance according to related Quality Standards.

Tailor - Made Solutions

We acknowledge every customer has their own requirements and therefore, we provide the service accordingly with high flexibility. 

Experienced Crew

Our crew members are highly experienced and experts in their own area which enables us to deliver precise goods.

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Hermetal Makina Hermetal Makina

The foundations of Hermetal Makina were laid in 1975 by K. Solmaz Boral Öndün and Gökhan Öndün in Topkapı, Istanbul. Gökhan Öndün went to Germany in 1960 upon a special invitation and worked in various positions in the machining departments of the country's leading machinery manufacturing and spare parts factories. After graduating from Boral Öndün Sultanahmet Commercial High School, K. Solmaz worked as an accounting officer in various institutions, and went to Germany in 1964 and continued his studies there. The duo returned to our country in 1975 and transferred their experiences to their own company. The company, which was located in Topkapı during its establishment years, continues its activities in 2 factories located in Topçular, Eyüp and Ankara ASO 2-3 OIZ.

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Hermetal Makina Hermetal Makina

What We Do

Gears & Clutches

Gears are mechanisms in which circular or semi-circular shaped gears engage each other. Gears are used for two main purposes: transmitting motion and increasing force. Clutches are mechanisms that transmit force and movement between two shafts or shaft and wheel. Clutches generally rotate one shaft, allowing the other shaft to rotate.

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Shafts & Screws

Mechanisms that hold a shaft in a fixed place and convert rotational motion into linear motion are called shafts. Screws come in different types, mainly threaded and plain. While threaded screws have high precision and load-carrying capacity thanks to their tooth structure, plain screws can provide faster movement with their simpler structure.

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Special Components

Although special components are not manufactured as frequently as the products frequently produced in the machining industry, they are parts that are specifically needed and important in certain sectors. As Hermetal, we take care to design our machinery and workforce to respond to rare and unique designs.

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Bearings & Sleeves

Bearings are often used to support a shaft or shaft and reduce friction as it rotates. Sleeves are elements generally placed between the bearing surfaces and the shaft.

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Hermetal Makina Hermetal Makina